P4T Nursery and Primary school

We run a Nursery and Primary School in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement with the mission of providing quality education to build a sustainable young generation with knowledge and skills. It is one of the Projects of Planning For Tomorrow Youth Organization that is helping to provide quality Early Childhood Development (ECD), Primary Education for refugees and Ugandan infants of age groups from 3 years to 17 years old.

The school started with 26 children in 2015, in baby and middle classes. Today the school is teaching 9 classes [3 Nursery (ECD) and 3 lower primary and 3 upper primary] with an enrolment of more than 450 Orphans and Vulnerable refugee children and Ugandan infants.

The school provides hot meals to the children during break and lunch times. The purpose of this program is to fight hunger in school to reduce absenteeism, malnutrition, ulcers, and school dropout while improving enrolment and concentration in class and excellence in academic performance. On 21st February 2018, P4T Nursery and Primary School was licensed with the Ministry of Education and Sport with license number ME/P/9478. We believe in the power of education to prepare refugees for a brighter future. “Refugee children, future leaders”, said P4T Executive Director.

P4T Adult learning center

Although P4T Nursery and Primary School was set up to provide quality education to children in ECD and primary classes, there has been consistent demand from mostly the illiterate parents of these children to set up an Adult learning center. Some of the parents are highly educated in foreign languages (such as French) and they are unable to get gainful employment in an English speaking Community.

In 2017, this demand was fulfilled and an evening class (Mugoroba) was initiated to provide Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) and English for Adults (EFA) to all the illiterate and non-English speaking refugees in Kyangwali. The free course attracted 78 people in its first intake with some many others who were sent back for late application (…and requested to try in the next intake.



The plight of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)s in Kyangwali is diverse with distressing stories. Majority are living in child headed families, unable to afford basic needs like food, proper shelter, clothing and education. Others are living with unidentified guardians who do not care or love them and they silently go through horrible mistreatments, unfair handling and tough experiences in life. Some refugee orphans do not have where to call home. They roam around in the communities and chance to eat in the neighbourhoods, sleeping where nightfall finds them. Solution We wish to get sponsors for our children who can provide support to and willing to take care of at least 1 child. The support should be sufficient to provide school tuition, food; clothing, medication and scholastic materials to enable them feel cared for and loved. The scholarship opportunity is from Nursery, primary, secondary and college/University scholarship. P4T will ensure these children received quality education at all level We need your financial support to provide quality education to the orphans:

What could your support achieve?

  • $300 could pay for a child fees, feeding, medication, scholastic material, and uniform in Pre-school and Primary school for a year.
  • $700 could pay for a child fees, uniform, and scholastic material in secondary school for a year.
  • $ 1000 could pay for 1 refugee youth to receive teachers training on up-to-date teaching methods.
  • $1200 could pay for youth tuition and scholastic materials in university in Uganda for a year.


“Anyone in any community can drive positive change regardless of their social or economic status, all they need is that empowerment to make them believe in themselves that they can” - Ameny Daniel