Thank you for visiting our website and the love for our people. If you would like to make a donation to Planning for Tomorrow Youth Organization, or are looking for more information about where to send your fundraising, you can find all the information you need right here or, contact us. Standing Orders

If you are interested in supporting our programmes on a more long-term basis, we welcome you to set up a standing order. By doing this, you will automatically become a ‘Friend of P4T we will send you a t-shirt and timely updates on the programmes your donation is helping to support. Of course all donations – big or small, frequent or one-off – are greatly appreciated, but standing orders are particularly helpful as they allow us to budget effectively.

To donate via cheque, please post it to our Uganda address. Please ensure you enclose your details so we know who it has come from and where to allocate it. Planning for Tomorrow Youth Organization Kyangwali Refugee Settlement P.O.BOX 294 Hoima Uganda East Africa

Paying directly into our bank account is the only way that to ensure that we receive 100% of your donation, as online fundraising platforms, PayPal etc. all incur usage charge. To donate via bank transfer, use the following details: Account Name: Planning for Tomorrow Youth Organization Account Number: 1026200712810

To donate via PayPal, use planningfortomorrow@gmail.com as the payment address.

If you are a Planning for Tomorrow Youth Organization Volunteers, organizing a fundraising event where you are looking for sponsors, or collecting donations from multiple people, it’s best to set up https://help.justgiving.com page.

Funderising for p4t/volunteer works

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve decided to fundraise for, or are volunteering with, Planning for Tomorrow Youth Organization (P4T). First and foremost, thank you. It is because of the ongoing generosity of fundraisers and volunteers like you that we are able to keep on working to improve quality of life through education, livelihood, health and community services at a grassroots level here in Uganda.

Here at P4T Volunteer, we recognize that not everyone is in a position to stay in Uganda for an extended period of time and volunteer with us, so we established our short and long term Volunteer Programme an opportunity.

a) Start a fundraising campaign. P4T always needs money to continue the important work that it does. Donate money yourself, or start a fundraising campaign to raise additional monetary support for the refugee cause. You can collect the money yourself and then donate it to P4T in one large chunk. • You could create an online fundraising campaign and share it with your friends, and families on social media. Try a fundraising site like JustGiving, Global-Giving, GoFundMe and YouCaring. • You could host a donation drive to collect goods and other items needed by the organization. Just make sure you contact P4T ahead of time to find out kinds of things we are in need of at the moment. • You can encourage others to register as P4T Volunteers as well. b) Organize an event. An important way that you can volunteer to help P4T is by hosting an event in your community/country. You could hold the event in a public space, or even in your home. This could be a film viewing about refugee hardships, a discussion or debate about an important issue related to refugees, or even world refugee day party to raise awareness. c) Donate your time. There are plenty of ways to donate your time to help out important causes like the refugee crisis. Make yourself available for any number of volunteer services that refugees need once they arrive. Contact P4T directly to see what kind of help we need. d) Fundraise at school or Church. Fundraising at your own school or church can make a huge difference to the lives of young people in refugee community of Uganda. Whether it’s an ongoing or a one donation, your support could help children access the quality education they deserve.

Fundraising is vital to ensure that our programmes can continue to run. We are only able to achieve so much in Uganda thanks to the generosity of our fundraisers. The money they raise goes to continue the work on Education (School infrastructure, child sponsorship, feeding the children, Teachers ‘salaries), Livelihood, health and community services. Without these funds, we really wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We rely on the support of an incredible team of fundraisers who are passionate about changing lives in rural Africa.

    What could your support achieve?

  • $300 could pay for a child fees, feeding, medication, scholastic material, and uniform in Pre-school and Primary school for a year.
  • $700 could pay for a child fees, uniform, and scholastic material in secondary school for a year.
  • $ 1000 could pay for 1 refugee youth to receive teachers training on up-to-date teaching methods.
  • $1200 could pay for youth tuition and scholastic materials in university in Uganda for a year.
  • $45 could buy 1 quality desks so that children no longer sit on the floor
  • $4,000 could pay to build an entire 4 stances latrines connected rain water harvester
  • $5,500 could pay to build an 1 classroom $120 could pay for 1 trained Teachers’ salary per month

• Children and teachers face many problems at schools in the refugee community, making every day learning a challenge: Overcrowded classes Inadequate and unhygienic toilets Unsafe classrooms Too few resources

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